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AC15HW replacement speaker suggestion?

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07/16/2017 11:27am

Sorry for posting this in the wrong place initially!

I have an AC15HW that has the Chinese Greenback. The Greenback just seems to have too flabby bass, and the highs are a bit sharp. I can live with the sharp highs, as I can control those with the "Cut" control, but that flabby bass annoys the crap out of me - makes the amp seem to be kind of murky yet ice-picky at the same time. I like the easy and early breakup, though. Suggestions for a replacement speaker?

Thanks in advance!

07/19/2017 9:33pm

The Black & Blue would be the given suggestion for a Vox amp. But then the Greenie isn't known for having a flubby low-end so could something else be amiss? Or is this merely an indication your amp would want something with lots of mids to effectively shave off the highs and tighten up the lows?

07/24/2017 10:43am

Something IS amiss ... a Celestion made in CHINA! Quality control is all over the place!

In a WGS ... yes, the BnB would be an excellent choice ... but I would suggest the Blackhawk as a first choice ... as it has a meatier, more solid bottom ... and otherwise is almost an exact sonic match.