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90's Blues Deluxe running through a 2x12 cabinet

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06/28/2017 4:23pm

I've read through the forum posts, and that really through video on the Hot Rod speaker shootout. Made some references but wanted to ask what you thought would be good for a 90's blues deluxe running through a 2 x 12" cabinet (closed back).

What would you say would be for a good "still Fendery sound".
A more "stepping into Marshallesque gain sound".
And finally to over-complicate things if you want to recommend a mix of 2 different speakers.

My main concern is the gain channel to sound good because I tend to keep it on that channel and just dial the volume back instead of switching back to the actual clean channel.


06/30/2017 1:06pm

Hummm ... everything I say is just an educated guess, because I've never ran that amp in a closed 2x12! but here goes...

I'd actually probably recommend a combo I rarely recommend ... a G12C for the Fender like upper-midrange & top-end, and a Reaper HP to keep it from getting too shrill.