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77 Vibro Champ

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11/06/2019 9:00am

I replaced the original speaker with the G8C, sounds great!
How do you think twin 8’s or 10’s in a separate cab would do?
I have a 12 8ohm from an old Crate Amp, which sounds ok, but ....

Any thoughts for this amp?

11/22/2019 9:02am

I LOVE the sound of a pair of G8's in a low-wattage tube amp ... but ... since you already have one in the amp ... go with the G10C pair in the external cam and be prepared to be blown away ... it will turn that lil 7-watt gal into an amp that'll keep up with a drummer! I'd suggest either going with a pair of 8-ohm in parallel (for a 4-ohm load), and simply unplugging the internal speaker when using the cab ... or, if you want to use both together, go with an 8-ohm pair in series for a 16-ohm load ... if you add that to the internal 4-ohm speaker the Champs OT will be TOTALLY happy :-)