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65 Amps Ventura speaker choice

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Andrew Jayne
07/02/2017 4:28pm

Hello all and Hello Vaughn,

I have a 65 Amps Ventura that is equipped with a Celestion G12H30 70th Anniversary model. Not a bad speaker, but I feel there is room for improvement. I have reviewed all of the demos I can find of likely upgrades and feel a bit lost in the context of all of the possible speaker replacement options. So, .... to my ears the H30 70th can get a little gritty and "slushy" when pushed with distortion added. I would like to maintain some the British character that currently exists but have a tight and well defined bottom end as well as gain a bit of clarity (lose the fizz) on the upper end. Retro 30? Vet 30? Reaper - more of the same????? Move in the direction of American flavor with G12C? G12C/S? Dunno.

I could not find any reference to the 65 Amps Ventura here so hopefully this will break a little new ground.


07/04/2017 5:06pm

Okay ... gotcha! Man you could go two routs to get you what ya want. The ET65 will loose the slush and fizz and give you a nice warm, sweet and versatile tone ... but if you want to stick firmly in Brit land ... An Invader should get you there whilst also fixing your issues. Actually, so would a Green Beret, but it might still be a touch "slushy" as you say when pushed.

Andrew Jayne
07/05/2017 3:09pm

Thanks Vaughn. Nice use of the Brit term "whilst." Clever. :))

I had considered the ET-65 but was unsure as you had mentioned, somewhere in a review, that you valued the ET-65 as a speaker to "fix" an amp and not so much as a go-to speaker. Hmmmm?????

How would you characterize the differences between these two?

Lastly, would I be bats to even consider and American flavored speaker? Too bright? Lack of versatility? Hmmmm???? This amp kinda has the ability to move back and forth between American sounds and British sounds. Two 6V6's with a somewhat unique gain structure - clean to pretty dirty/gritty. I use mostly clean with low to moderate gain on my Keely Oxblood, Wampler Clarksdale, and a TC Electronic Spark Booster. Hit the bump circuit when I want some more hair.

Thanks so much for the effort you put into the evaluations and the feed back on this forum.

07/24/2017 10:39am

The only American voice I would suggest for you would be the WGS12L ... but man would it add weight!

now then ... the ET65 is a super smooth performer with a nice balance of everything ... but no pronounced "voice" of it's own. The Invader has a bit of that classic green-back mid-range urgency ... but with a much more solid bottom end, especially when pushed.