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'63 Bassman converted to 1x12: WGS Speaker Recommendations...

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12/10/2021 2:20pm

I need a 4 ohm replacement speaker for the Weber that's in there now. Not sure what "model and build" this Weber originally was, I did this 1x12 conversion coming up on three decades ago (and YES, I still have the original head box!). The speaker has started to flab out, the low end is kind gone; years of abuse I'm sure didn't help and I of course along with a TS-909 are to blame. ;-) And yes, the amp has been serviced and is in good shape it just has a now old and abused Weber that's seen better days...

I'm looking for more of a Celestion style speaker. I'm not big on the Fender Jensen sound, I lean more towards Marshalls for my style of playing, music, etc. The ET65, ET90, the Veteran, the Retro and the Reaper all seem to have their places. In a 2x12 setup mixed you get everything, the EGS, Retro or Reaper mixed with a Veteran you cover the whole spectrum. BUT, in a 1x12 what's the one speaker to get? I'm afraid the Reaper or Retro will be just too much high end, I already fight with this Bassman a bit trying to dial in "mids" as it's of course Treble, Bass and Presence only on the controls. The EGS65 seems like a good slightly lower power and more all around speaker, but a lot of people complain that they're a bit lack luster (for lack of a better term). The Veteran I think sounds really good but it lacks that high and high mid tone too.

I'm leaning towards an ET90, kind of reminds me of a Classic Lead 80 Celestion (deeper, fights the break up, when it breaks it does so with more articulation).

I also I have a 1x12 extension cabinet so whichever speaker I pick for the combo I will balance with another to get the tone I'm missing. A Retro, a Reaper in the Ext Cab to work with the say ET90 in the Bassman Combo?