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50W 8” options

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02/03/2019 4:45am

Hi there, I’m looking for tonal upgrades for a 50W Vox hybrid combo (tube pre, solid state PA) with Vox 8” speaker.
For home, where 20W is more than enough, swapping the speaker with a G8C looks to be the most logical choice. But what if I want go beyond 20W? As of now I could only think of building an external 1x12 cab (et65 + vet), or an 4x8 with g8c’s... I would also be interested in mixing different sizes, but there’s almost no info available on it. G15c with 2x G8C? The latter would be linked serially, in parallel with the 15”. No idea which tone would dominate, or what the overall blend would sound like...