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4x12 build

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08/20/2019 4:57am

Hey Guys and Girls, new here, also new to my empty 4x12... I built it myself, its a Marshall B style cab.
I need to finds some speakers for this bad boy. So, what are your suggestions?
I have a plexi and a jcm 2000 dsl and run them through a 2x12 with v30s, theyre nice, but I am afraid to crank them as the cab is rated at 140. and i dont wanna bust them with my plexi... also, the cab is a bit spikey. I am after some speakers that'll do it all. I'm really into that eric johnson tone, but there are soooo many ingredients in that cake. I he used g12 80 1777 cone on his earlier records... greenbacks, g12h30..

any help would be great. thanks in advance

08/31/2019 11:05pm

"Hey Guys and Girls" ... love that, your our kinda person :-)
"the cab is a bit spikey" ... yep, that's the V30's!!

As you may know, I did a cover-story on Eric Johnson for Vintage Guitar Mag last year, and got to know him and his gear quite well. Some time, I need to release that ENTIRE interview, it's totally amazing.
But, back to your question(s). It sounds like what would really rock your world would be a pair of Reaper HP's (like a slightly sweeter G12H30, but can take 50-watts), and a pair of ET65's. (I'd go x-pattern, or ET65's over Reaper HPs).

09/10/2019 11:53am

I'm inspired by Mr EJ in a rather big way. Let's just say the Invaders shouldn't be over looked.

They're full like a modern speaker yet they have a very vintagey mid hump that I find sits just right. So whether you want the G12-80 thing or the G12M thing these would do a bit of both.

I also like how these on one hand add their own overtone content whilst staying transparent for the more subtle details of the EJ lead thing.