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2x10 speaker pairing?

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05/20/2018 7:35pm

I'm been thinking of building a 2x10 cab for my egnater tweaker 15 head but I'm not what to use as speakers, a friend of mine steered me towards WGS saying the products are really good and pricing too. Anyways I play mostly indie and a bit of heavier rock but I also like the idea of having two different voiced speaker, thinking it may fill out my sound more (correct me if I'm wrong or if this is way off base). Anyways I do like the sound of the G10C/S if that helps. Anyways any ideas or suggestions would be amazing! Thanks!

05/23/2018 11:15am

Okay ... so, add to that G10C/S a plain G10C and I think you'll be in a very sweeet place.
One Cavet: In addition to making the amp sound a lot better, it will make the amp a lot louder ...