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2 G8C's for a wet cabinet

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Andrew Cottle
07/10/2019 6:11pm

I'm building a small closed back, ported cabinet for the wet side of my wet/dry rig and was thinking of using 2 of the G8C's. I'd be driving them with a small solid state power amp. I'll be running a line out from the dry amp and they just have to bring the wet sgnal into the mix enough to be heard with either my tweed deluxe, AC 15 or a single 12 driven by a Phaez corona (dual 6v6 blackface-style). Any thoughts? Suggestions for a better choice? My experience with "8s" is limited to a couple of old champs I had years ago so i wouldn't mind a second opinion.

07/15/2019 2:59pm

Hey, I like it! I have an old Kent tube amp I converted into a 2x8" combo with G8C's ... and it's perfect ... full, warm, juicy, way better than a single 12 in that amp.