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1960 Princeton Tweed Speaker Suggestion

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Brian Weinberg
06/20/2019 9:22pm

Looking for input on speaker selection for a 1960 Princeton Tweed. Currently has a 60's Jensen C8R8 not original to the amp. I'll try to track down a
Jensen P8T, Oxford 8EV-29 for originality, but looking for other ideas. Also what Ohm do these take?Thanks!

06/25/2019 4:17pm

Cool old amp ... but man are they limited by the 8" speaker ... the later 10" models are really the sweet spot ... and you have soooo many more speaker options. But as it is, you are in the land of the 8" !
With WGS, I'd highly suggest the G8A (Alnico) since it's only a hundred bucks ... that's very inexpensive for an Alnico these days. I will mention that the ceramic G8C will also sound fantastic in that amp, probably providing 95% of what the G8A will give you ... so also a very good choice ... I LOVE those speakers, they made is possible for me to make 20-watt (2 6V6) tube combos with a single 8" that sounded fantastic!

No ... the impedance ... here things get sticky in the typical Fender fashion! They were all SUPPOSED to use 8-ohm speakers, and most do ... but if Leo ran out of those transformers, he's just go with the 4-ohm OT's from his champs or Harvards and put in a 4-ohm speaker to match it. Leo was like that :-)
The transformer chart shows that the tweed Princetons from the 5B2 through the 5F2A all used an 8 ohm OT. the number for the OT in the 5B2 was 7765. The number for the OT in the 5F2A was 265. So, see if you can read the number, and that will confirm it's 8-ohm. If it's something else, you should be able to google it and find out what it is. Those Single-ended amps really do perform best when the speaker is properly mated to the output tube!

Brian Weinberg
07/14/2019 2:21pm

Hi Vaughn,

Here's what the numbers are. Any ideas?

transformers in my 1960 Princeton Tweed? I tried searches but no luck. Is there a master parts list? PT says: OP250B and 606016. OT says: T 262

07/15/2019 3:17pm

I'm not sure what that OT is! Sorry :-(

Brian Weinberg
07/17/2019 10:14pm

OT=Output Transformer
PT=Power Transformer

07/27/2019 12:49pm

Thanks .... But I meant I'm not sure what THAT output transformer is!!! (T262)