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10 inch speakers for a 1965 bandmaster conversion

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03/19/2019 4:59pm

Hello all! I’ll cut right to it, I have a 65 Bandmaster that I’m converting into a 210 combo. I’m not sure what speakers to go for to be honest. I’ll be using it as a pedal platform but have always been a Vox guy traditionally. I’m wondering if I should go the “Brit” route for a little flavor or stick to that amazing fender clean we all know and love. I’d love to hear your experiences and suggestions! Thanks!

03/21/2019 7:09pm

Been there, done that! I actually will be selling my 2x10 cab ... let me know if ya want it.
see ; https://wgsusa.com/famous-1967-blackface-2x10-fender-super-reverb-amp
As for speakers ... would you like to tame the volume, or have it be loud with lotsa clean headroom?