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10" and 12" combo

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Wiley Williams
08/11/2017 9:09pm

Has anyone mixed a 10" and 12" speaker in a cabinet? What speakers and how did you go about matching them?

10/29/2017 12:16pm

Hey there, sorry for my language.
And greetings from Germany.

Et10 with Et65 is a very nice mix.
Et10 open back combo. Et65 in an small closed back Krusi Box.

Combo is an selfmade with an Ibanez tsa 15.

Next mix I've tried is the Et10 with an Invader.

I've tried the g10c but it's still very fizzy with Overdrive..

Retro 10 with the big Et65 is also very very nice, especially when you want nice fat British style.

My Et10 \ retro10 Cab is just like heaven for classic to modern rock.