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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe upgrade recommendation

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06/13/2011 9:40pm

I need help to decide which speaker to go with HM 75 , ET 65 OR G12 C...I use Humucking type pickups most of the time in my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I rub it clean with only a overdrive pedal,

06/14/2011 10:46am

G12C if you want to keep the amp totally vintage-Fender sounding.  ET65 if you want to warm it up a little, take away some of the ice-pick, and head it a little in the Britt direction.  Personally, I'd go ET65 based on my experience with other similar Fender 1-12 combos.

06/15/2011 8:01pm

Vaughn, Ive been considering the ET65 for my HRD.  I put in a mod kit from Granger Amplification, who recommend the ET65 for enhanced clarity and punch.  My question is this:  I play a Les Paul and like to run the amp pretty HOT.  I love the gain tone of this amp and I do not use any pedals other than an OD if I need a little extra crunch.  Are there any other speakers you would recommend that respond better to higher gain playing than the ET65 ?  I'm not playing metal here, I just like a MEAN tone.


06/15/2011 9:17pm

I'd still say ET 65 is probably your best choice.  Another consideration would be the Retro 30 ... which loves humbuckers ... maybe a little more so than the (warmer) sounding ET65.  Another option that's ALWAYS worth considering is the Reaper (probably HP in the HRD).  The Reaper is a fantastic speaker in pretty much any situation.