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Fender Deluxe VM speaker replacement

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10/20/2015 2:46am

I would like to get a warmer smoother country/blues type tone from this amp. The cabinet and power head arrangement does not leave extra room for a taller or wider speaker. The dimensions for the stock Celestion G12P-80 119mm tall and the magnet is 135mm in diameter. The magnet clears the tubes and transformer by mybe 1/4" so not much room for a larger speaker. I read that a fella changed the stock speaker out for a Eminence 1218 and got a tone he liked better. What speaker is recomended to change the tone of this amp to a more blues type tone. Thanks for your help.

10/27/2015 3:18pm

Easy!  The ET-65.  You will be in Love !

07/12/2018 1:29pm

The ET65 will fit? I can't find any measurements on this speaker.


07/28/2018 4:43pm

Update: Just heard from a (rather rude and unkind) fellow that the ET65 is TERRIBLY close to the tubes and transformer on this amp ... so proceed with caution! The WGS equivalent to the Eminence 1218 would be the G12Q ... which SHOULD fit, as it has a tiny vintage size magnet (like the 1218)!