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Fender Bronco/Vibro Champ

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10/01/2012 7:18pm



I'm planning on putting my 1970 Bronco chassis in a large 1x12 open backed combo amp.  I like to play rock, blues rock, and blues and love big warm round tone.  I love playing parts that mix single note runs with chords like the "Over the hills and far away" intro so I like chords to be lush but still reataining clarity.  I bought the Bronco with the intention of switching it in to a bigger combo to get a lower volume Princeton/Deluxe tone and I'm looking for a speaker that compliments that tone without being too harsh and strong bass without farting.  The speakers I'm considering from the WGS lineup are the g12c, the g12c/s, and the ET65 (for the warmth).  All my amps I play with the treble rolled back below 5 and the bass pushed up to 7-8. Anyone know of something to do this?


Just for more info I use an od-9 for OD, a big muff pi: tone wicker (tone off, wicker on) for fuzz mostly.  My main guitars are a Les Paul Junior Special DC with stock P90s, an SG with a PAF/Super Distortion, and a Melody Maker with a Duncan Custom.





10/10/2012 8:24am

Ah!  A great Fender sleeper amp!  Nearly identical to a vibro-champ in every way.

Since that is a single-ended amp of around 5-7 watts, none of the WGS line will "Fart out" (the amp will long before).

You really want a delicate speaker that knows how to take a few watts & turn it into a big deal!  One with the detail of a paper former & Alnico sweetness.  The easy answer: The Black & Blue!  Wou will Love, Love, Love it.

If you can't swing Alnico, go standard Reaper.