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Fender Bassman RI (early 90s)

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06/15/2015 1:52am

I picked up a sued Fender 59 Bassman RI (early 90s) on the cheap, and has seen better days, water damage to the cab, a little mold growth, tweed falling off, etc.. but fixable, the new tweed and speaker cloth is on its way. All the electronics work, but I'm not really happy with the speakers that are in there. They have seen better days. They are the Genuine Fender 10" 8 Ohm Vintage Blue Alnico Speaker made by eminence.

I've search this and other forums and I haven't found any info on the question i have.

My question is: will the WGS G10C and the WGS G10C/S will fit in the Fender 59 Bassman RI (early 90s) in a X pattern. 

I've watched some videos on these speakers, and I'm really looking forward to the great tone these give.