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Fender '68 Custom Vibrolux Reverb 2 x 10 options

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06/29/2015 5:03am

Hey guys im new to the site,   ive been running re issue C10Q's in my 68 CVR for a while and im not digging the farty bottom end response at higher volumes.  My amp seems to be very toppy too since I took out the also farty std celestion Ten 30's.  It now has some TAD 6L6WGC's, so im looking to sort this amp out once and for all with some decent speakers.  Im after big clear bold clean tone but also more mids so I can use some decent fuzz/drive and not have it too toppy and shrill.  I still love classic fender tone too so im really at a cross roads.

I've narrowed it down to  2 x WGS G10C   or 2 x ET-10

maybe one of each??    how about that think it would work or not?


cheers guys

James Low
10/08/2019 8:36am

I had one G10C and one ET-10 in a 2x10 cab, ET-10 was too dark in my opinion, darker than my ET-65. Stick with the G10C.

10/08/2019 4:27pm

Maybe mix a G10C and G10C/S? I'd also try a set of Tung Sol 7581A power tubes. They are fatter and sweeter than those 6L6WGC, and they are very robust -- should last much longer. Just a warm and balanced sounding tube that breaks up smoothly. Similar to a KT66. You can also get more mid emphasis with a medium or long plate preamp tube. I assume the 12AT7's are for the reverb driver and PI, so I wouldn't change those. You might try a JJ ECC83MG in at least one of the 12AX7 slots.

10/15/2019 9:53pm

OMG ... those amps are ALREADY soooo thick on the bottom end, and get soooo bassy/farty so quickly!
Absolutely, for SURE go with a G10C PAIR ... no fat smooth cones for that already plump lil gal!!!