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ET65 vs ET90 Is There a New King?

ET65 vs ET90 Is There a New King?

Holy cow has this one been coming for a LONG TIME!  Yep, that’s EXACTLY the opening sentence from my last blog (Blackhawk vs Blackhawk HP) … but, well, it rings just as true.  The ET65 has been a favorite of mine since day one, and it’s new big-brother the ET90 has also really caught my attention, so I’m not quite sure how it is that this particular shootout slipped by me, but it did.  Sure, I’d done some side-by-side listening myself, but just never got around to filming it for public consumption.  Until now!  It’s a done deal, and here it is.

SPOILER ALERT!  If you don’t want to know the results then stop reading now and play the video.  If you want the short-n-sweet version of the results, here it is:

Tone: The ET65 had a fair amount more lower midrange warmth in the 200-600hz range, and more of a vintage organic tone.  The ET90 had a bit more of a modern tone, more filled out on top & bottom.  This remained quite consistent with all levels of dirt and with all pickup settings.

Volume:  Not much apparent difference even with various amounts of dirt.

Touch Sensitivity: Again, pretty much the same.

Okay, that’s it, here’s the video … please post your comments, this one was a close one for me!


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08/14/2017 4:51pm

Hi Vaughn,

I also have an oversized 2x12" pine baffle & birch contour cab, which I use with my Ceriatone OTS. Since oversized gives more bass, should I put two ET90s instead of two ET65s ? Some people seem to say it's tighter. To me with a Dumble style amp it was a no-brainer to get 2x65s, but now I'm wondering.

Thanks !