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ET65 + V30, pair of G12C/S, or something else In ProReverb?

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04/21/2012 10:52pm

I just picked up a '73 non-master volume Fender SF Pro Reverb (has been blackfaced) and am looking to replace the stock orange label Utahs. My head is telling me to try a pair of G12C/S, but I am also not opposed to something a little more colorful. I want to keep a decent amount of clean headroom and put in something that takes pedals well.  I don't want to lose the fenderish quality of the amps sound, but am not scared of introducing a little British flare to my sound. The stock Utahs actually sound quite decent, but are a little bright and flabby on the lower end. Anyone out here tried a pair of G12C/S or something else that has your old Fender singing sweetly?

04/24/2012 11:13am

I bet the G12C's will sound great.  I recently switched out some Wber speakers in a new blackface style amp and put in in a G12C and a G10C (yes, it is a 12 and 10 configuration) and the sound was much improved.  Really classic  blackface tone.  However, just  because I have been really curious, I just bought a G10A to put into it to check out the ceramic/alnico mix sound.  I'll let you know how that turns out.  Could be something to think about too for the Pro Reverb.  But you have nothing at all to lose by going with the G12C.  Great speaker.

04/24/2012 4:17pm

I think you will love the G12 ... ceramic and/or AlNiCo ... but be aware that the smooth-cone will sound notably warmer and woolier.  I would probably go w/ribbed cones ... or maybe one of each if you want to darken the amp just a tad.

Another absolutely great choice would be a G12C & an ET65.