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ET65 or G12C/S for HRDx

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03/07/2012 6:27pm

Hey, sorry this topic has been posted, but, I have seen no discussion of the G12C/S for a HRDx.

This is a 1996 Made in USA model, I am the only owner.

I have changed Power Tubes to 6V6's, and new preamp tubes also (finally after 16 years for all).  12AY7, 5751, and a 12WD7. Also new Volume pots so the amp does not go from 1 to 11 in one click.

I am looking for sparkling cleans (no ice pick), and a big fat bottom. Headroom? I believe that there is enough with the tube set in there. This sounds like the ET65, BUT, the "Soulful" part of the G12C/S description got me wonderin'. I was even thinking of going to a 15" speaker but this would be too many things to do (new cabinet etc.). I may in the future put my other HRDx in a new cabinet with a 15" speaker, so your thoughts on that would be great too.

I play Blues exclusively. I never use the dirty channel, if I want to push it I use a clean boost, crazy as it sounds, I picked up an old LPB-1 for 10 bucks (I love it....and did I mention 10 bucks) and an always on pedal is the Xotic EP booster.


Thanks for Your Time

Johnny B

Hey Hey the Blues is Alright!

03/15/2012 10:55pm


I know that Q's about the HRDx have been posted ad nauseum, but, there are no clips of the G12C/S so I thought that I would ask....

04/12/2012 8:35am

My pic is the ET65 ... really tames that amps top end and makes it sound more "vintage" ... haven't tried a smooth G12 in one ...