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ET 65 speaker for 2x12er cab paralle or serial wiring?

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10/24/2011 2:59pm

Hi Vaughn,

sorry but I have a last question for my speaker choice..

I decide to take 2 speakers ET65 in my closed back cab, because I want not

only use this for studio but more for live gigs too. Therefore I think it will be

better to take a pair of the same speaker?? Okay then...

But some people say that there is a big difference to use parallel or serial

wiring for the OT of the tubeamp head!! Therefore which combination

you will recommend if you know:

2 speaker with 8 ohms out together in serial routing to 16 ohm out??

Marshall for example takes in a 4x12er cab above 2 x 16 ohm to 8 ohm

downline the same, all together then to serial 16 ohm out???? Some other

prefer serial will it change anything in speaker tone articulation too??

Or 2 speakers each 16 ohms out to make it parallel wiring to 8 ohm out??

That means then I will switch on my amp from 16 ohms to 8 ohms.

The sound question is: Is it better under all circumstances to choose the  parallel

instead of serial wiring???

My opinion was if I want to take 2 different speaker in a mix (ET65 with Veteran 30

for example) then it will be better to take paralel wiring??


Thanks a lot more if you or someone else could help with this matter!!!

Thank you guys at WGS for building very impressive musical speakers of all..

God bless you all guys in music





10/28/2011 6:57pm

Hi Holly,

There are benefits to both ways.  In Serial, if one speaker were to blow and go to a totally "open" coil, the amp would see no load at all, and you would get no sound at all ... worst case scenario is that it would blow the output section of your amp as well.  So, for that reason, I usually choose Parallel wiring in a 2x12 cab.

Now, there are some folks who claim to hear a tonal difference (I've covered this on my blog), but I've done double-blind tests with other guitarists, and we could never hear a difference.  Maybe with certain amps with very finicky output trannys ... but I've never encountered it!  Hope this helps