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ET-65 or ET-90 For a Mesa Mark IIC+ and/or Mark III

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09/19/2015 11:54am

I own both of these bruisers and normally I run old EVM 12's in individual 1x12 Mesa cabinets. One day while a/b ing a Dumble clone amp with the Boogies I tried the clones ET-65 and really liked the sonic difference between the ET-65 and the EVM. 

Question: since the Boogies are around 85-100 watt heads it would make safety sense to order the ET-90. Can you describe the sonic difference between the ET-65 and the ET-90?

Here is a video of the tone I try for with the Boogies if this helps:



Gary Small

09/21/2015 10:50am

Hummm .... the ET65 is a bit more organic, woody, smoky, ... vintage-y than the ET90 ... but not by much!

So ... IF you are going to open up the Boogie on occasion then, yes, go with the ET90 ... however, if you never really get the Boogie fully opened up, then go with the ET65 ,,, since you already know that's the tone you like.

09/22/2015 10:46am

I found your video on Youtube comparing the two speakers. I ordered the ET90 because I thought it bloomed and seperated the notes in chords better when you used a dirt pedal. I liked the ET-90's throatiness of the single notes in overdrive as well. Clean they pretty much sounded about the same.

Boogies can really slam a speaker, that's why in part I've been using 200 watt EVM's almost all the time.

I'll feel more at ease with a 90 watt capacity speaker should I just use one cabinet.

Thanks for answering back and thanks for the great video too!!!!


Gary Small

Christopher Perry
10/31/2019 2:05pm

Vaughn - are you saying the ET90 will be okay in a 100w boogie? I recently bought a Mark 2A (1979). It definitely needs a new speaker and I have an ET90 I'd like to use, but I do run the amp at a healthy volume. I've been adding the ET90 to the combo with an extension cabinet, but I really need to replace the original speaker. The ET90 sounds great. Can I just put in the ET90 in the combo and use it on the 100w setting by itself?

11/05/2019 8:03pm

Unless You REALLY run it wide open for more than a few minutes at a time, you will be fine.