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ET-65? Help manage expectations please

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02/06/2014 4:13pm

I just recieved the ET-65 that I ordered. Out of everything I saw posted as far as sound examples, I liked it the best.

How long is the break in period? What can I expect as far as tone change after it's broken in?

It seems like it is a little harsher than I expected and what I heard previously. It also is a little looser in the botton than I was expecting. According to what I read and heard, it was a tad dissapointing - the speakers in the comparisons sound so much better.

Maybe a tighter low end sound and less break up would mean a larger magnet (ET-90?) or perhaps a jaint over to American speakers? BTW, I should mention that it is in a 1x 12. I have a 2 x 12 with Celestian V30's in it that sound a little nicer, which I also didn't expect.

So if you could help me manage expections by answering the two questions, I would be very appreciative. All this stuff is so subjective and differs with every amp, guitar and cabinet. Appreciate a little advice. Thanks gents!

BTW, I am new customer and this is my first post. Don't judge me... :)

02/06/2014 9:53pm

A single (medium magnet) ET65 will certainly loose any shootout against a pair of Heavy magnet speakers like the V30's ... at least in terms of volume, amount of bass, clean headroom ...

Break-in depends on all the variables ... but it will get a tad warmer and looser.  Nobody ever has used the word "harsh" in conjunction with "ET-65" ... if it IS HARSH, then send it back for a replacement!  But again, comparing it to a pair of heavy-magnet speakers isn't really realistic.

Your idea of: "Maybe a tighter low end sound and less break up would mean a larger magnet (ET-90?)" is pretty dead-on.  I consider the real value in an ET-65 to be it's vintage sounding organic warmth and wooliness ... not at all a "huge bottom end and/or overly loud speaker.

02/07/2014 8:53am

Thank you for the thoughful response. I guess I need something beefier for a single 1 x 12. I am betting that these in a 2 x 12 would be awesome. I am trying to downsize and be a bit portable - thus the 1 x 12. My quest continues. Thanks again. I appreciate your effects to help the customer.




02/07/2014 9:18am

Is there a way to manage a swap for a higher powered speaker? I realize that a request like this can be unmanageable for companies. I may have to go the ebay route and cut my losses. sigh

Apologize in advance if that is pushy or off base. Like I said earlier I am new around here.


Kind regards,



02/07/2014 6:25pm

Just call the main office and speak to Daniel .... Or leave a detailed message for him ... Should be no problem :-)

02/14/2014 5:49pm

Left a message there today late morning. Haven't heard back, but not sure how long I should before trying again.

Thanks for all the assistance!

02/27/2014 12:58pm

Daniel says you should be taken care of ... yes?

03/06/2014 10:00am

Hi Shawn, let me tell you beside your problem some points which are

important in view of speaker-shootout.

A very important base is the measure of your cabinet, don't forget!!

Is it closed-back or semiopen, that means a little difference in what you will get out

if you have the ET65. They are of course..not harsh, but have a good alround eq for

clean - till crunch. I personally think they are not heavy metal speakers like Vintage

30!! That will be another story and the Vintage 30 are more in a group with veterans and retros

I think!

So first please give the ETs a try they need to breakin and it last a little bit more than today and then!

After playing a little louder, less, more bottom, more growl you will notice that they began to open

and sound in every way for me musically. More than Vintage 30 which are often called the nastys.

But that is every one meaning, each player has his own think, so there is no the all-best-of-all



I have playe a lot with Celestions, Emis, Mojos, Jensen...but now for me WGS Speaker have more

focus, more details and they are priceworthy against other speakers!!

But I say again: The important think abou the cabinet!!! I have 2 cabs 2x12er, one open-back,

one closed-back, and if I try them with 2 ET 65, in both cabs the sound will be different with the

same speaker!

Hope it helps and wish you a new start with WGS! Good luck


Hollywoody/ germany

10/21/2014 12:32pm

My first experience with ET-65 was plugged into Ampeg VT-60 1X12 combo.

It was the first time in my life finding a wide open sound after decades of inferior speakers.

I would describe ET 65 as smooth with lotsa open potential.

The Retro, however, could be described as harsh. Some ear fatigue.