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EPI Valve Jr extension speaker cab

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Thomas Pennington
12/18/2013 12:57pm

Picked up a used Valve Jr speaker cab with the stock spkr.  Plan to swap that speaker out for a WGS, of course.  But, which speaker?  This will be used with a dark, "tweed" sounding Fender Greta 2 watt amp and also a Fender Super Champ X2 15 watt head.  Guitars are Epi Dot Studio, and Fender Dlx Tele with SCN pickups. Play mostly blues mixed with classic rock type stuff.  Could possibly end up using the cab with a bit more power but not often and not likely to go over 40 watts.  Looking for max tone, primarily with the smaller wattage amps.  Suggestions?  Thank you!

12/26/2013 9:49am

I am playing my GRETA through a Hot Rod Deluxe Extension cab loaded with a WGS G12Q. Its a match made in heaven! It really turns the GRETA into a little blues monster and I am still using the cheap Chinese tubes. I'm not really good at describing speaker tone but to me it sounds real full, has nice bottom and top end without beeing too boomy or shrill and it really tames the fuzzy distortion that you get with the built in 4" speaker.

Thomas Pennington
12/26/2013 2:17pm

Surely some of you have had some experience with this cab.... I tried a search but found nothing.  Would very much appreciate a couple of suggestions.  I have a Weber 12F150 in there right now.  It sounds a bit bright on top and really farts out in the bottom.  Help please????  Thanks! 

12/26/2013 5:19pm

I'm actually not familiar with that cab ... I'm going to assume open-back ...

The G12Q does seem like a natural choice and will keep the cab VERY light.

If you want a similar organic tone, but with a bunch more volume and overall a bunch more "oomph", I'd go with a Green Beret.

For even more balls, I'd Go ET90 ... which would also make the cab capable of handling any amp you may throw at it down the line, too.

12/28/2013 6:25pm

I love these cabs but the Lady Luck speaker does need replacing.  It surprised me how well made they are.  Right now,  I have a Retro 30 in mine but sometimes I switch to an ET 65.  Both speakers sound great.


They are both fairly bright with an excellent bottom end.  The Retro30 is a bit brighter with no ice pick highs.  


I've used this cab with both bright amps and dark amps and they love everything I throw at them.



Thomas Pennington
12/29/2013 6:50pm

Thanks all for the opinions/replys.  Any others are welcomed.


The cab is about 18"h x 17 3/4"w x 10 1/2" d.  The back panel is basically open back, but not entirely.  There is a rectangle cut out that is about 11 3/4" x 7".  That cutout is about 7 1/2" from the top of the cab and about 3" up from the bottom.


So with that bit of new data, any change as to the best speaker for this cab?  Again, thanks for your suggestions!

02/11/2014 1:36pm

Sold Epi speaker speaker for $50. Used same $ towards Retro.

I only bought the Retro because I have it combined with Ampeg VT60 Combo with an ET 65. I wanted to go Greenback or Reaper, but WGS rep said Retro is good for Amp.

I can't give you a perfect descrition of Epi Cab tone, other than I haven't had problems. It seems like a good fit for the wood and construction. The 1/2 closed back opens up the tone at lower volumes.


01/02/2014 9:46pm

I got one of these with the Valve Jr head and stock Lady Luck speaker. Sounded very dark and muddy. WGS recommended the Reaper 30 which did brighten it up and make it more sparkly without breaking up too early. The Valve Jr head is just naturally a dark-toned amp too. It sounds great in that cab. Tried a Vet 30 in it too but like the Reaper better for lower-wattage amps.

I'd imaginge a Green Beret would work nice in there too but you may get more speaker breakup sooner.

You will probably get speaker breakup with either of these though... something you may or may not want.