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Eminence Legend 16 ohm speaker replacement.

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07/21/2013 10:43am

Hello everyone,

 I currently run the Legends 2 x12 8 ohm (16 ohm wired in series) and would like to know if WGS builds a speaker that would be an upgrade in performance? I'm currently happy with the quality of the Legends but heard so much about WGS and was hoping for a upgraded version.

 I tried a pair of Sheffield 5150 speakers and hated them as they had to much mid range and rolled off highs. Even the low end suffered when switching to them dispite the fact they go a little lower in hz response.

 I'm a Metal guitarist and love a thich heavy tone. I like my Fender cleans as well which is why I love the Legends now. They do both very well.

 Thanks for any input,


07/22/2013 10:31am

Open or closed back?

Big cab or cramped quarters?

Details on the head you are using, please...

07/24/2013 1:41am

Closed back.

It's a combo amp.

Krank Revolution 1 2 x 12 combo. It's all Birch wood and I'd say on the larger size.

07/25/2013 9:48am

Wow, I can only speak for MYSELF ... personally ...

I find the Revs to be lacking in a certain "organic" tone ... SOOO ... if it were ME ... I'd be thinking a very organic speaker like the ET65.

However, that may be too organic for you, given what you've said.

The WGS Ret 30 is kind of like your Legends on steroids ... just sort of more of everything ... so that might be a good choice for YOU ... but they will bring more volume, bass, and top end ...

you could also go one Ret30 & one Vet 30 ... ALMOST the same result as 2 Ret 30's but without quite as much added top & bottom.

That's all I got ... hope i helps!  Please post back here w/results.

08/01/2013 1:18pm

I love my Revolution 1 combo , It's everything I need with a killer clean channel.

 Thank you for your time. I'm looking forward to trying out the speakers.


10/30/2013 4:35pm

I play a Krank too and I second the Vet 30 or Retro 30 or the 2 combined. Kranks have almost a "hi-fi" type tone that is awesome but to me is complemented with a speaker that has a a lot of warm breakup. I always had good luck with my Krankenstein Plus paired up with V30's, which is why I think the Vet30 and Retro30 would be a good choice for you as well. I've heard a few Revs with V30's and they always sound awesome too