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British Invasion - Dustie Waring Signature Speaker

Dustie Waring Signature Speaker


The DW-75 is our latest 12” speaker designed in collaboration with Between the Buried and Me guitarist, Dustie Waring.

It features an aggressive, yet tight low end with a throaty and forward midrange, making it perfect for tight controlled rhythm playing and high gain tones. The top end is articulate and musical, allowing melodic lines to cut through the mix without sounding harsh. It's the perfect speaker to capture all the nuances of Dustie's playing style.

Hand assembled in Paducah, Ky.

From Dustie: “The goal with this speaker was to create something totally specific to my sound. Dynamics, and being somewhat of a chamaeleon tonally, are imperative in BTBAM as we tend to hit every end of the musical spectrum. We took the WGS Veteran 30, which I've been using, and made the necessary changes to allow for more headroom, and a more focused low end, without sacrificing clarity or top end precision. A perfectly dialed in midrange is also important with high gain tones because it’s what clears up the muddy qualities and allows the guitars to cut through in a mix. The contributions of Daniel from Port City amps were also important. After a decade of working together, using his cabs and building rigs in tandem, he knows all the frequency and science behind the sound I’m after."

Mounting Information

  • Diameter 12 3/16”
  • Overall depth 5.3”
  • Cut-out diameter 11”
  • Mounting slot dimensions 1/4”
  • Number of mounting slots: 8
  • Mounting slot PCD 11 3/4”
  • Net Weight 9.5 lbs.

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