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DRRI & 2 x 10" speaker choice

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05/13/2015 3:48am

i have DRRI thats been modded with Mercury Magnetics. i have a 2x10 baffle i want to populate with some Warehouse speakers.  reading the posts on the forum and shootouts i've narrowed short list as:

10" G10C/S - 75 watt

10" Veteran - 20 Watts

10" ET10 - 65 watts

10" Green Beret - 25 watts

leaning towards the G10C/S due to others report it warms a bright DRRI a bit. with the Mercury upgrade it is indeed a bit bright. the ET10 is "british" so not sure it wouldn't make the DRRI even more bright?

anyone see any issues combining the G10C/S & Veteran?

are the speakers to be wired parallel or series?


05/14/2015 12:21pm

I've done a few tests in my DRRI. Mine has the fritz mod and bright cap clipped. I am not a high frequency kinda guy... I have tried the weber 10a125/10f150 combo, 2 x g10c/s and recently 2 x et10s. The weber combo was my least favorite. Lots of bottom but when playing live with keys and bass, all those frequencies are already pretty full. OK, but just OK. Then the g10c/s pair went in. I had them in an oversize cab i made for a 5E3 build. These are nice speakers no doubt. In the DRRI they had a nice balance and i suppose if the bright cap were still in place, they would have been perfect. However, i like the normal (with reverb) channel better. Finally, the ET10 pair. A bit more efficient, which is good for club volume. I want to have clean available and use pedals for all my sounds. These speakers are nicely balanced, certainly not too bright and aren't lacking anywhere. As for too much British... not that i can hear. They are great - the winner for sure.

The DRRI wants to see an 8 ohm load, so get 2 of whatever @ 16ohms each,  and wire them in parallel (to give you 8 ohms).

05/15/2015 2:20pm

@garybowman  thanks for your reply. i still have the bright cap in. i'm gonna try a pair of G10c and see how it sounds.


05/14/2015 2:20pm

My first choice by far is a pair of G10C's (NOT C/S).  Search this forum ... several folks have put a pair of G10's in their DRRI and RAVE.  The smooth-cones will REALLY darken the amp ... too much in my opinion.  The regular G10s are HUGE sounding ... and perfectly balanced ... they are the speaker that brought me to WGS!

The ET-10's would also be a fine option.

Sorry if I've taken a while to answer your question.  I've been fighting Pneumonia the last couple of weeks!

05/15/2015 2:22pm

@vaughn  good luck with the pneumonia thing, that's a nasty bug for sure.


i'm gonna try the G10c's. i suppose mixing a pair of G10c & ET-10 wouldn't accomplish much, huh? just curious.

05/16/2015 12:29pm

i could have sworn i enterd 2 replies yeesterday. but i don't see them.


thanks for the two replies. i orderd a pair of G10C. i still have the bright cap so i'm going by @garybowmanreply and @vaughn suggestion. i can always get the ET10's if these don't work for me.




05/21/2015 4:02pm

Should be good no matter what... the DRRI with 2 x 10s is a cool way to go!

Michael McWilliams
06/09/2015 11:32pm

My vote would be for the same combo that I have in my Custom Vibrolux Reissue:  an ET10 and a Retro 10.  This is a great combination plenty of clarity and articulation, yet a surprising amount of bass if you want it.  I usually keep the treble on 6, middle on 5 and the bass on 4.  It is not overly midrangy like you might expect with "British" speakers.  And I would wire two 16 ohm speakers in parallel to get an 8 ohm load, which is the same you would have with the usual 1x12 speaker and would  allow you to use an  8 ohm extension cabinet for a very nice full sound.