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Driver selection advice

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10/19/2011 9:55am

I use an Avatar 2x12 Bluesbreaker style cabinet which is sealed but has a farily high internal volume.  With a 20 watt amp at medium output I love the G12H30 tone from Celestions however ...

I've moved to a 50 watt head that can really dish out some low end chunk.  I'm doing heavier tunes and more drop D, drop C# tunings with this band and would like to replace my low wattage Celestions with WGS speakers.  I'd like some advice on which driver would best suit me.  My criteria are:

- Has to take a full 50 watts no problem.

- Must produce a rich, balanced tone (like G12H30's) without screechy highs (like Classic 30's) or weak mids (like GT75's).

- Ideally will have a stiffer cone so as not to "fart out" on the lower bass notes I'm now using.

- I'm shooting for a percussive bass response - not a mushy response.

- If I can't get any thing that matches all criteria I'd err towards a better bass response and hope to solve the other issues with amp EQ.

Any advice appreciated. 

PS - I've had a number of people tell me how great WareHouse speakers are in the Jet City Amplification FaceBook community.

10/28/2011 8:22pm

Thanks for an exceptionally well articulated question!  As you probably know, I am totally in love with the ET65/Retro combination.  That combination has a truly magical combination of vintage warmth, loads of tight bottom, a very urgent and present midrange, and a nice (non-ice pick like) sparkly top end ... while being very nimble and touch-sensitive.  However, since you "love the G12H30 tone" ... that's obviously the direction for you!  In your case I would seriously consider a pair of the new Invaders, they are intended to provide exactly what you have described ...exactly!