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Detuned 4x12 Options?

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02/16/2013 10:22pm

Hey guys,

I have a 4x12 cab that I am wanting to detune.  Essentially, it's just utilizing 2 of the 4 speaker ports in the 4x12.  Supposedly, it helps project the "guitar specific" frequencies instead of allowing them to dissipate within the closed back cab.  I play a mix of hard rock/metal (a la In Flames) and we tune down to B or A, depending on the application.  My tone is very mid oriented.  I'll leave the scooping to those guys who don't want their guitar to cut the mix.  I am leaning toward a mix of 1 British Lead (for lows and low mids) and 1 Reaper HP (for highs and high mids).  What do you think?  Are there any other recommendations? 

My main head is a BFG Redrum Modded JCA22H, so I'm not throwing out a ton of power.  I just love the early breakup of EL84's and the overall "hot-rod Marshall" sound of the amp.

02/19/2013 10:21am

First, I love your comment "I'll leave the scooping to those guys who don't want their guitar to cut the mix". ...

Okay, Sooo ... you realize that what you have using a 4x12 as a 2x12 is a PORTED cab with HUGE ports that are not tuned to anything in particular, right?  A big 2x12 with a well tuned oval rear port will probably give you more of what your looking for.

Anyway, I'd actually go with a HM75 "for lows and low mids". and a Britt Lead "for highs and high mids".  The Reaper HP is a very warm speaker!