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Depth of 10" British speakers?

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10/29/2015 11:17am

Hello, looking for a 10" speaker for a Vox AC10C1 and wondering what the overall depth front-to-back measurement of the Retro 10 and Green Beret 10 speakers are? Thanks!

11/14/2015 11:45am

Nice post. This great new little amp has become one of my favorites. But, its got a convoluted chassis arrangement that limits speaker choices. Alnico speakers are out. All the regular alnico's look like they contact the chassis and the back of the amp cannot be properly replaced. We're going to have to look closer at replacement speaker fitment for this amp.


The Retro 10, Green Beret 10, and the newer ET 10 all look like delicious options for the AC10C1, but some measurements would be helpful so we can make sure they fit. Any feedback from the WGS guys?




- Bob

11/27/2016 7:33pm

This is a question I would like answered also (and previously posted with no answers). I am in the market for a speaker for my Vox AC4C1 and know the Green Beret is too deep for it. The depth of the GB looks to be right at 5".  I know the ouput transformer in the AC4 and the speaker magnet like to connect when the GB is installed. It is that close. I may just move the transformer and install it in the AC4. The GB is a tremendous sounding speaker.



12/15/2016 4:37pm

Since no one from the factory jumped on this ... I just measured a Retro 10, which is a Ceramic large-magnet Brit 10 ... so it would be the deepest of all but the big magnet AlNiCo models ... and here is what I found:

It is 4 1/8" deep, including the gasket ... so it would require 4 1/8" in the clear for a rear-mount.  If you were to FRONT mount it, it would require 3 7/8 (1/4" less).

There ya go!

12/24/2018 12:34pm

Zombie resurrection but........
What's the depth of the ET10 as well?
Seems like it's always tight in 10" combos.

Wm Anderson
12/30/2018 11:33am

I don't know about that one, but I just bought a 10" Green Beret and Retro for my current project and will describe both speakers dimensionally:

- 10" diameter, of course
- 4 1/4" total height
- 5 1/8" diameter at the magnet which is 1 7/8" in length from where the taper to the 10" begins
- as such, the 5 1/8 taper to 10" occurs over a 2 3/8" dimension
- both weigh 6 lb 13 oz

I would suspect yours is similar...