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Deluxe Reverb Reissue- ET65 or G12C/S

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06/03/2014 9:37am

How do these compare? From the clips it seems that G12C/S has more of a stronger mid range and smoother top. However the ET65 gets a lot of love and seems to boost everything good about the deluxe. I'm just worrying about it being to scooped as the fender already has a scooped mid range sound. Which would break up sooner for natural tube amp drive? How do they compare with an overdrive box in front? Any info, thoughts, advice would be a big help! Thanks

p.s. The G12C/S looks badass in that bright orange- if I were to go by looks alone, this would be the one. 

06/03/2014 11:52am

I haven't tried a C/S in a DRRI yet ... but here are my thoughts:

I'm totally with you on the ORANGE!  Just like the JBL/Fender D-120/130F ... would be sooo appropriate in a classic Fender!

I can't imagine loving any speaker more than the ET-65 in a DR ... it's just so darn perfect!  And it looks cool, too...

When I have tried the G12 C/S in Fender amps, I generally find it too dark/warm and takes away too much of the blackface chime ... which would only be the right choice if you find the DRRI way too bright ... which MANY people do...

Whatever you choose, please come back to this post & let us know your results!

06/03/2014 2:10pm

Will do. Thanks for the advice Vaughn. Btw love the videos!

06/07/2014 11:55am

I think I made the right choice going with the G12C/S smooth cone. It's powerful, punchy, and warm but still retains enough of that Fender chime. If you have reservations about loosing too much of the signature high end of the DRRI, fear not! It's still there, but not as in your face. It definitely takes away some of the sting. To me, this speaker gives me the best of both worlds. I get a more of a beefed up sound overall but without taking away that famous Fendery voicing. 

The G12C/S replaced a Cannabis Rex which was a great speaker but seemed to mask the original sound of the amp too much. I also had trouble with it fitting inside the chasis as part of the speaker was hitting a trasformer giving me a wierd rattle. It was also a very loud speaker. I'm looking forward to cranking the G12 C/S without blowing my head off and making the neighbors angry. I can see how it might be too dark with a british style amp, however with a Deluxe Reverb Reissue, I think it's perfect. Overall, I'm very happy with it. 

Also I might note that this speaker sounds amazing right out of the box. Do these speakers even need to break in to sound good? I guess not! 

09/28/2014 6:22pm

I'm with you, williamjamescampana -- the G12S/C is an amazing choice for a "too bright" Deluxe Reverb. I love it - pure magic.

10/05/2014 6:22pm

I have the G12C/S, I hate to disagree with Vaughn. He did tell me it's too dark. But I look at the chart that it rated as 6_5_6. The speaker have sparkle, even slightly more than the Veteran 30 that I have also. It is rich full fat american sound with sparkle. It is perfect for my 74 Vintage Pro Reverb. Yes, it has more mid, but it is by no way too dark. It is just very American sound.

10/10/2014 10:10am

Not a problem ... my wife disagrees with me ALL the time ... and I still love her :-)

My motto is "I don't REALLY know everything ... I just act like I do" :-)

Anyway, be sure to check out the big Deluxe Reverb shootout (if you haven't already) to see the exact differences between the C/S ... ET65 ... and a bunch of others in a Deluxe Reverb (although it IS an original, not re-issue).

11/23/2014 7:54pm

I haven't used the ET65 but the Liberator is described as a "beefed up" version of it on here. 

I used to think British voiced speakers should stay out of Fenders. One day I plugged in my G12C/S equipped DRRI to my Liberator cab for kicks and that was the end of that misconception. For my taste, the Liberator Kills the G12C/S in this amp. It is like the amp could not breathe before and now it is alive.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but I recently read that speakers with lower resonant frequencies help cure the boomy lows in some open back cabs. The Liberator has one of WGS's lowest resonant frequencies. This is nice to know, but who cares really? This thing sounds awesome. The highs are fat and singing and the lows are articulate. What else could you want? In my opinion, it now has even more of a blackface vibe. 

Vaughn, your shootouts are great and I truely appreciate them. You might have missed out on something by not including the Liberator in your DRRI comparison. 

01/27/2015 12:00pm

I have an Ampeg j12t II reissue and I've been looking at these two for a stock speaker replacement. The voicing of this amp is very mid/mid-high. I'd like a speaker that will produce solid lows, tame the mids and highs. Am I on the right track? Also, space in these amps is pretty much non-existent. Max clearance between baffle and chassis/tubes is roughly 5.75". Any direction and help would be beyond appreciated!