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Deluxe Reverb fans: If you have a spare 55 minutes ...

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04/30/2013 8:11am

Please check out my latest blog, watch the video, and post a comment on the blog and let me know what speaker you liked best in my 67 Deluxe Reverb!

Thankya ... thankya vury much :-)

Michael McWilliams
05/06/2013 11:54pm

Vaughn, so which way are you leaning for the DR?  ET65 or Reaper or Other?  I would also give strong consideration to the low-powered as-yet-unnamed 12" speaker.
05/07/2013 7:06am


Warm 'n Sparkle
05/07/2013 4:44pm

and like the Reaper too.

05/09/2013 6:48pm

I actually am leaning toward the light 12 a little ... because of it's being such a dead-on clone of the factory oxford!  And, it'll keep the amp very lightweight.  I figure for the bigger gigs I'll still take a Super Reverb or two.

Oh, by the way, at the end ...  "Speaker #1" was the ET65.  I think overall I prefer it ever so slightly to the Reaper in that amp.  It's just such a nice warm, round, organic tone ... which, again, is what I love about that amp to begin with.

I'll keep you all informed!

Richard D Maha
05/09/2013 7:22pm

Hi, Vaughn - the lite 30 was one I liked as well.  Any idea when WGS will have this available for sale?



05/09/2013 7:36pm

Not sure when they'll be released!  I'll try to light a fire under that one and see if we can get some movement.  As I understand it, they are ready to go, just needing a little tweaking on color scheme, etc.  I'll post here as soon as I know for sure!

Oh, and it's 25-watts, not 30...

Richard D Maha
05/11/2013 6:25am

Hi, Vaughn - thanks for the update - right - my bad - Lite 12!  I rerally liked the traditional "Fender" sound of the Lite 12.  Any concerns with putting a 25 watt in the Deluxe (as far as blowing the speaker)?  I asume at lower volumes there will be no issue but playing live may be a different - what has been your experience with lower power speakers?



05/12/2013 7:11pm

Yes, that's my concern as well!  I am just a little afraid the Deluxe Reverb could smoke the little gal at a show!  But I'll probably take one of my bigger amps for shows anyway :-).

For now, the Silverface Deluxe is sitting next to my chair in the Control-room of my studio ... kind of like a good puppy, just waiting for me to give her a little lovin' whenever I take a break.

Richard D Maha
05/12/2013 11:55pm

Hi, Vaughn - appreciate the candor.  Your Deluxe Reverb sounded great and I'll bet it's happy right where is is!  I'm not a regular gigging musiscian anymore but do play small clubs (a nicer phrase than dive bars!) and jams from time to time so having some volume capability is a decision factor.  I had the same conecern with another speaker recommendation I received (Weber 12F150 25 watt).  The ET-65 and the G12 c/s have the vintage Fender vibe, too so great options to go with.

Thanks again for doing the shoot out.



05/19/2013 5:16am

Hey Vaughan just wanted to say many thanks for the great comparison of all those speakers! I'm still not 100% of exactly which one I prefer for cleans but hands down the ET65 wins for overdriven sounds (IMO).

Was thinking that with all the time and effort that you put into making the video a quick round up at the end would have been really worthwhile. You know 5 secs of the same riff played on each speaker coz after 55 mins I couldn't remember what most of them sounded like!!

Anyway you do a great job promoting WGS products and I really look forward to your blogs.

Cheers from Australia.


Michael McWilliams
05/19/2013 12:38pm

Yes, lite a fire under the fine folks at WGS to get that speaker out on the market.  It sounded great in your DR shootout.

10/09/2013 8:29pm

Hi Vaughan - So the ultimate winner was the G12Q? If so, I am wondering what this little puppy had that trumped your usual DR favourite the ET65?

Also I am assuming that the 20W power rating would handle a DR running flat chat?

Cheers Rob

10/09/2013 11:01pm

Yes, that's what I ended up going with (although mine was a pre production prototype) ... because it just sounded nearly identical to the original speaker, which was ultimately what I wanted.  I use that amp exclusively in the studio and I really like what the low-watt speaker is adding in terms of compression and vintage/organic feel.

If I were using that amp as a giging workhorse, it would definitely be the ET65 ... both for it's more commanding tone and the fact that the amp would likely never smoke it!

10/19/2017 10:17am

Extremely helpful Vaughn! I've watched your video 2x along with several rewinds for key comparisons. I really enjoyed your sitting with your audience in the living room approach. Recently, I purchased a 1979 DRSF and it is currently being serviced by an experienced amp tech. The speaker sounded like crapolla as well.
From your video, I went back and forth on Blackhawk, G12C/s, Reaper and ET65. I ended up deciding on the ET65 and just received shipment. Looking forward to hearing it in the cabinet once the amp's service visit is complete. Thanks a lot - your video help me cut to the chase and make a speaker decision I feel great about for the long term.