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Custom cab and speakers for Orange TT head

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04/10/2012 5:22pm

Hey Folks -


Just got a new Orange TT head and now on the quest for the "perfect" cab.

I know most people tell you just get the Orange 2x12, but I'm looking for something a

little different.  I have heard so much positive feedback on these WGS speakers that

I want to go to one of the custom builders.  Here is what I am thinking and would

like some opinions about it.

A 2x12 vertical with a WGS V30-12 on the bottom and a WGS Veteran 10 on top.

I know the TT is only 15 watts, but I do have a Fender 40 watt head I use on occasion

if I need a more punch and don't mic it.  I'm thinking that the V30-12 on the bottom will give me some

real oomph and warmth while the V10 will add some punch and brighness to the mids and highs.

Or should I just stick with two V30's?



04/12/2012 7:58am

I like the idea of the 10/12 combo. But...

The Vet 10/12 combo might give you too much of the same thing ... focused midrange, lotsa touch sensitivity.

I'd go Retro 30 on the bottom.  ...or...

ET 65 for a lotta beef

Green Beret for some classic Marshall crunch.