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12/27/2012 12:58pm

Hi, I got a few mid 60's 8ohms 10", 1" voice coil ribbed seamed cone CTS speakers with the cone code number 606-19. The cone is looking very similar to the one of the Jensen P10R. Do you Know anything about this speaker's max power rating or anything else? Here's a pic of a CTS with the same basket but with another cone code number. Thanks/Henry


12/27/2012 1:48pm

Couldn't make the link work ... but a 1" VC 10" in the 60's, and intended for home use,  usually equated to about a 15-20 watt speaker.

Here are the fantastic vintage CTS 10" guitar speaker (these are '73's)

CTF Fender 10 guitar speaker

Guitar cones should be all paper:

CTS 10" Alnico cone

If your speaker looks like what's on the top, but has a cloth or treated edge, it's probably a home stereo 10 ... not bad, but not a great guitar speaker ... too dark & flubby :-(

And ... then there are these, the mainstay of Magnavox & the like stereo's of the 1960's ... don't even try these in a guitar amp!  They are good for about 5-10 watts.