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Crunchy rock speakers for a 4x12 marshall cab

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05/25/2011 5:51pm

Hi there,

Great forum first of all - nice with that sort of personal assistance.


 I noticed how you suggested a full 4 x Green Beret for those classic, crunchy rock tones. My question is, if you have tried the Green Beret with some other speaker? Perhaps a speaker which had a slightly different tonal shaping than the 25 watt or would it mess up the sound if you paired them with 2 other speakers with higher wattage output?



05/26/2011 10:11am

We are all some intense tone-tweakers ... very seldom will you find any of us discouraging sonic experimentation.  Given all that ... here are some speakers that I think would make good room-mates with a pair of Green Berets:  The easy answer: a pair of Reapers; they will not drastically alter the raw, urgent midrange-heavy crunch of the GB's ... but usher in a more full-bodied overall tone ... the Reaper55's would be roughly the same, with a little more subdued tonal addition (see my latest blog).  Personally, I would seriously consider a pair of Retro 30's with the GB's - I currently have a 2-12 cab loaded with one of each, and it's big time sweeeet for the classic rock/crunch stuff.  The retro 30's are beginning to become a personal fav of mine ... hope this helps!

05/26/2011 11:10am

Hey Vaughn,

thanks - it sure helped a lot ye.

 Im currently running a mesa boogie stiletto which is sort of a hotrodded marshall but always known for being a bit spikey and hard to tame.

 The v30's ive tried so far have been great although ive always used em for that particular midboost - either paired with g12h30's or gt12-75's - never tried greenbacks (celestions) until a few days ago and with a cab loaded with 4 greenbacks i defenitely found a sound i like but, yes, a bit spikey with my particular amp.

So ye im going for 2 green berets (love that early break up) and two others if i can found a suitable match. Now i know which ones could be suitable, cheers.

05/26/2011 9:04pm

Hummmm ... with the Stiletto, you might even want to consider a pairing of ET65's with the GB's - that's not a pairing I have actually tried, but I have ran a Stiletto through my Burriss 1-12 cab with an ET65 (closed-back), and it was very sweet ... did a great job of taming that "spikey" nature you mentioned.  Alone, they would probably be too smooth for your tastes ... but paired with GB's ... well ... hummmm ... it's somthing to think about.

05/26/2011 5:04pm

Sure did - thanks Vaughn