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06/02/2018 9:15am

I have 2 Super Champ XII head and closed back cabinets.... 1 is already loaded with ET 65..... Using JJtubes.... The other is stock speaker with ruby tubes...... What would be the best choices for me to put in second cabinet? I play Americanna........ Rock..... Country Rock....... Real Country........ Blues......... Thanks for the HELP......

06/03/2018 4:42am

Generally speaking, Chinese tubes have more compression and resonance than JJ, accept for certain types like the RI Tung Sol 6V6GT vs JJ 6V6S, but it also depends on the specific tube path in each amp as to the tonal balance and break up character. Assuming the Ruby/Shuguang 6L6GC tubes do have a thinner/more-compressed, nasal/resonant sound (not really as sweet and fat as the Phillips I actually had in a Peavey Heritage in the 80's), wouldn't you want the smooth/fat, wide felt dust-cap damped ET65 in that amp to sweeten the high end?

JJ 6L6GC tubes have more of a big warm RCA "blackplate" sound, so a classic Fender blackface era speaker like the G12C might be a good choice. Otherwise, the bright/fat Retro 30 or darker Vet 30 should be great if you don't want that harder Fendery sound, and either one combines well with the ET65? The Retro 30 will make the amp more chimey via high end the ET65 doesn't have as much of. The Vet 30 should be closer in high end level to the ET65, but with more 2.4kHz clarity and that nice growl--probably a safer choice if you are concerned about excessive brightness. Hard to say which would be better with the JJ tubes. Off hand, I'd say the felt-damped ET65 speaker would be best with the more resonant Ruby tubes, and visa-versa.

Just to get a better idea, specifically which tubes are in each slot in each amp? I might suggest a few inexpensive swaps to fill in the tonal spectrum and open the dynamics.

06/06/2018 2:51pm

"Stock Speaker" ... does this mean it's a 10" ??
I have a Super Champ X2 re-housed as a tweed 1x12 combo back ... I tried over 50 speakers in it and landed on the Reaper HP as the winner ... But it is, of course open-back!

Now ... if we're talking stock open-back 10", then the hands-down winner will be the G10C (or G10A if ya can afford it).

06/20/2018 10:44pm

My Super Champs are the heads... And the Fender Cabinets are closed back with 12s

06/20/2018 10:46pm

These are Super Champ X2 Head and Fender Closed Back Cabinets with 8 olm 12s

06/27/2018 5:47pm

Okay ... yep, I have a SC in 1 1x12 ... did a through shootout, and the clear winner was the Reaper HP ... so there ya go!

07/22/2018 8:21am

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07/28/2018 4:55pm

Thanks Edwards... yea, we have a blast here ... hey what's more fun than talking guitars, amps, speakers, & pickups?!?!?