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G12C/S dimensions

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01/27/2015 1:14pm

Could someone provide the dimensions of the G12c/s speaker, more specifically depth of the whole assembly? I'm considering this for my Ampeg J12T II Reissue but need to be sure I have enough clearance before ordering. Very little space in these things.


03/08/2018 12:31pm

Too funny, three years later and I am thinking about doing the same exact thing. Did anyone ever respond? I need to know the depth too.

Michael W Monahan
03/29/2018 3:12pm

With the continuous frame (no openings) it would not clear my upgraded OT in my DRRI. Not sure if I am going to try to relocate the OT or maybe cut an opening in the speaker frame. Currently the transformer fits between the opening of the stock Jensen. The overall depth is not the problem, just the frame.

04/17/2018 10:48pm

5.3 inch overall depth
You have 4.8 inches or 121 mm in the ampeg jet ii.....
I have eminence legend 1228k, wgs g12q, Jensen c12q.....they all fit

04/29/2019 5:12am

I am looking to buy an Eminence 1228k 8ohm alnico ... did you ever sell yours? If not ... interested in selling?

04/17/2018 10:51pm

Selling the Jensen.....new old stock from the 90s about 30 minutes use
May sell one of the others as well, just undecided

04/27/2018 6:00pm

Yes, your best bet will be the G12Q.