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Neodymium Speakers for Guitar?

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10/30/2017 7:13am

Hello all,

Does anyone have any experience with these or know of a link with sound clips?

I heard the Celestion Neodogs and was very disappointed. Too shrill, harsh, and brittle, and muddy, all at the same time...

Checked out a Fender 2x8 cab with neos, not sure what brand, and it sounded better than the Celestions, but still a bit harsh on the high end... Then again, the Fender cab had 8's in it, and they didn't have the correct amp head that was supposed to match the speakers, so I was experimenting with an old Prosonic head...

Anyone have any experience with a Neo 15? I'm thinking a Neo 15 for bass combined with an alnico or ceramic 10 might be the ticket for serious tone and thump in a lightweight package.

I've also heard good things about the Lil' Texas Heat, but I'm not going to buy anything until I can hear it with my own ears...

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11/01/2017 8:53pm

Again you seem to be spamming this forum with an unrelated link.

The Fane N30 seems to be a very well conceived neodymium speaker. Quite neutral yet with some present highs and somehow responds well to dirt even so. I don't know how they did it but they seem to have pulled it off somehow.

Weber used to make some decent neo versions of their speakers and these sounded very close to their ceramic and alnico counterparts. Then the magnetic ciruit weren't US made, and the country of manufacture they took great pride in. Hence these speakers aren't made any longer, unfortunately.

11/03/2017 10:33pm

Yes, the fact that China controls the worlds supply of the raw Neodymium is a big factor for us at WGS too! I know Dean has already developed models that are better than anything else out there because I have two of them and have compared them to the Celestion, Jensen, and Emi Neos. The ones Dean made are actually full, juicy, and sweet on the top end! Have you EVER heard a Neo described that way? No, me neither!
Anyway ... for us it's still a issue to locate the material.
Oh, and yes, all of the OTHER Neos I have (I think I have all the Celestion, Jensen, and Eminence models) have issues with sounding unpleasant above about 2.5K.