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Speaker for Super Sonic 22 AND Orange OR15

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10/21/2017 8:35am


I‘m looking for recommendations for a speaker that would handle both amps well: I love luscious Fender cleans with some sparkle on the one hand. But it schould also give me a dark, low-midrange bark with the Orange. Both the Fender SS22 and the OR15 are heads. I’m using them with a closed, ported Egnater 112 cab.

I have watched closely to Vaughn Skow’s comparison, with the Retro 30 being his favourite for the SS22. Really helpful!
But from other YouTube demos of the Retro 30 I have got the impression that it is a pretty bright sounding speaker with its focus in the upper midrange - too bright for what I would like to achieve with my Orange.

I play mainly Blues and Jazz - from clean to crunch. Any recommendations?

10/22/2017 8:29pm

For any one speaker to work for sparkly cleans and and low-midrange meat there's bound to be some kind of compromise. The sparkle can easily turn to fizz with gain, and the meat can as soon make the speaker too full and dark for cleans. Some of this obviously can be EQ-ed out but won't turn chalk into cheese.

A 112 cab can typically do with a warmer/ larger sounding speaker or it is likely to come off as quite middy and small-sounding. Could the British Lead be what you want? Or perhaps even the ET65?

This clip demonstrates the range of the British Lead in a 112 cab, with the EQ set identically or almost that through out. Funny enough the highs are lifted through out, even with gain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p97UTgb7uww

10/24/2017 4:47am

Hi Jonas,

thank you for your quick reply! Truly great food for thought.

Btw, I have been considering the ET-65 as well, judging from YouTube videos.

The funny thing is, my Egnater cab currently houses a Celestion Elite 80 speaker, which supposedly is a derivative of the Lead 80. So I might know the British Lead a little bit already. But due to an impedance mismatch with the SS22, I need to exchange it.

How would you describe the basic tonal difference between the British Lead and the ET-65?

Cheers - and thank you again -


10/24/2017 4:50am

And what about the G12/cs? Would I sacrifice too much Fender sparkle?

10/25/2017 10:34pm

Q: "And what about the G12/cs? Would I sacrifice too much Fender sparkle?"
A: Yes!

Q: "How would you describe the basic tonal difference between the British Lead and the ET-65"
A: The ET65 is much more pure and organic sounding, the BL is more up-front and in your face sounding ... although tonally quite similar!

Overall, I think you are on the right track with the ET65 ... especially in that tiny little Egnater Ported cab (I know that cab well).

10/27/2017 5:47pm

Hi Vaughn,

thanks a lot for your assessment. You convinced me to go with the ET65.

I’ll report back, but it may take a while.

Thanks again!!!

03/31/2018 4:35pm


back again after quite a long while. Today I replaced the ordinal Lead 80 speaker in my Egnater cab with an ET65 and I am very happy with the results:

The Orange OR15 now sounds more organic and warm and at the same time more lively than before. It lost that rather sterile character that I wasn’t really happy with.

And the Super Sonic sounds great in both channels with a lot of chime.

Thank you Jonas and Vaughn for your precious help!

04/27/2018 6:22pm

Awesome ... yep, those are exactly the results I've came to expect.
Thanks so much for taking the time to come back here and post your results where we can all benefit from your experimentation :-)