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Need to brighten up my Tweed Twin High Power Clone 2 x 12 Cabinet

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Clifford C. McLean
08/07/2017 6:30pm

I recently completed a Tweed Twin High Power Clone head build (80 watts). I built a 2 x 12 extension cabinet with a 1/3 open back and installed a G12C and G12C/S in it. The head and extension cabs are constructed with western red cedar and walnut. What I am finding is that, even though they are beautiful, the cedar tends to soften the highs in cabinets with this combination of woods. This isn't drastic. It just isn't quite as bright as I would like. What I'm hoping to do is brighten this cabinet up by replacing one of the existing speakers with a G12A.

Am I on the right track and, if so, what is the better combo, G12A with a G12C or a G12C/S?

08/08/2017 8:51pm

Did you try running the G12C on its own (obviously taking good care not to over tax it - then conservatively rated at 75W that would take a lot)? To my knowledge the G12C is as bright as any WGS would come. Perhaps WGS could make e.g. a 50W version of it and squeeze out some additional highend out of it?

If this wouldn't suffice basically what's left is alu domed speakers in the style of Lansing ones. Also the Weber T-cone springs to mind as an abnoxiously bright speaker.

Clifford C. McLean
08/08/2017 10:31pm

Good idea, Jonas. I will try the G12C on its own and see if it gets me to my happy place. Thanks for the suggestion.

Clifford C. McLean
08/10/2017 11:30pm

So, I tried the G12C on its own. It is definitely bright enough. Then I hooked in the G12C/S again and tried a setting on the amp that I don't think I had ever tried. I cranked up the treble, bass, and middle to 12. That sounds really good with the presence set at 6 or 7.

I guess all that is really missing is that bit of reediness that comes from an alnico speaker. But, I can live with this for now.

08/19/2017 9:16pm

Glad it worked out for you! I suppose you could try the alnico version and return it should it not provide the tonality you're looking for or be outperformed by the ceramic one. Rated a full 75W it shouldn't lag or compress very much, even at full tilt, I think. But then the alnico version is 3.48dB lower than the ceramic one, which is quite a bit and could pose an issue. For the money asked it better make itself heard, don't you agree?

08/26/2017 11:32am

Yes ... you have just learned what I preach over and over ... while the G12C is the BRIGHTEST American voiced WGS model, the G12C/S is the DARKEST (American or Brit)! That smooth cone really darkens the tone ... about the same as a thick hemp cone.

If you can swing it, the G12A in place of the G12C/S will probably bring just what you want ... the only real difference between the G12C and A is that the A version has something beautiful that happens on the top end ... especially when it's driven a little.