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03/27/2013 7:00am

I have an Egnater Tweaker 40 with a one 12 cabinate. I find the amp very warm sounding and would like to clean up the the clean channel at higher volume and hopefully warm up the overdrive channel a bit. I play mostly Gospel/blues/Joe Bonamassa type music. The tweaker cab came loaded with a Celestian g12h-30 which isnt a horrid speaker but Id like to clean it up a bit and and just improve the overall sound of the amp. A higher wattage rated speaker would help do that correct? I do not want to enter speaker wise the marshall sound if possible. Suggestions?

03/27/2013 1:00pm

I do not know that amp personally, but the G12H30 is indeed a very warm speaker, and is not really rated to handle 40-watts.

Here are some key points of your request:

clean up the the clean channel at higher volume

warm up the overdrive channel a bit

I play mostly Gospel/blues/Joe Bonamassa type music

I do not want to enter speaker wise the marshall sound

Okay ... when I compute all this ... here is what I come up with: The G12C/S.  That speaker should do EVERYTHING you are requesting ... to the "T"



04/04/2013 12:08pm

Well I just recieved my new speaker. Fast Fast service(I'm way impressed) I went with the pack on this one and got the Reaper HP 50 16ohm speaker. What an incredible sounding speaker.The bass mids and top end are very pronounced but no Icepicking and no flap on the low end just a very well balanced speaker all around. Im really anticipating the sound to be even better after break in period. The clarity Im getting with my chording is very good. So far Im extremely impressed with the speaker. Look forward to future purchases when needed.Great American company that takes time to work with their customers.

04/09/2013 6:20pm

Glad to have ya "in the family" ... and thanks for taking the time to post your results where we can all benefit from them!

03/10/2014 5:00pm

I also have the Tweaker 40 and want to replace the G12H-30 in the 1x12 cabinet. I love what I'm hearing from the Reaper HP in the demos, but I'm a little hesitant to go with a 50 watt speaker with this amp. What is close to the Reaper HP sound but in the ~80 watt range?

I do love the sound of the G12H-30 and want something in that ballpark, just with more power handling capabilities.


03/10/2014 11:35pm


But, you won't have any problems with the Reaper HP, either.

03/15/2016 12:08pm

I have the Egnater Tweaker 40 combo version of the amp. I like the samples I hear with the Reaper but am wondering about the wattage handling with my amp? The combo comes with a different speaker than the cabs do. It comes with a "Custom Voiced Egnater Elite GH-50 by Celestion." It's not bad, but I would just like a little more clarity. I play rock that goes from moderately clean (Coldplay/U2) to rock/grunge (think Foo Fighters).  The current speaker is just a little too muddy. When I'm using distortion the mids are good, but the lows and highs could be better.

Any recommendations?