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Secrets Revealed!

Secrets Revealed!

Hey ya all! This is so cool.   Last week I told you that I was eager to spill the beans on a new product I saw at WGS headquarters - well the wait it over!  Tell ya what ... just watch this video, and then read the rest of the blog.

Okay, so ... ya ready to hear how that oh-so-sexy speaker sounds?   Your wish is my command!

Well allrighty then, once again, WGS has done the impossible.  They made a smooth cone speaker that sounds all warm and fuzzy just like an old vintage smoothie would ... but that can handle 75 honest-to-goodness tube watts.  The ever elusive blues Holy Grail has just been found.

WGS plans to also offer the G12 in a smoothie, as well as the G10.  That’s seriously good news for harp players, and folks seeking old-school tweed blues tone.

So, next week is going to be a lot of fun ... and very interesting.  Remember my one of a kind 1-12 65 Bassman combo.  Go back and read that blog for a refresher.  Everyone who hears it wants to buy it - it just sounds that freaking great.  I’ve had a very cool 4 ohm Fane in it that I’ve been very pleased with.  However, I’ve been just itching to try some WGS models in that amp.  Well, the "WGS Custom Shop" granted my wish and made me up several 4-ohm models.  So, next week we’ll be pitting a rare, high dollar Fane against some of WGS’s best.  Interesting, huh?  Well then, Ya all come back.



Now a little after-thought ... last night I dreamed a dream of a new speaker that sounded like the vintage orange frame JBL/Fender D120F.  All warm on the bottom, and sparkley on the top with amazing efficency ... but maybe just a little more hearty than the old JBL's (way too many of those great old speakers have been blown and re-coned with inferior ribbed cone kits).  Then it hit me ... a smooth cone ET65!  Maybe even in that georgous orange color!!  Can it be done??  Well, that would be a job for the WGS custom shop.  Oh, by the way, did I mention that I'll be talking about custom speakers next week???  Man, I love WGS :).

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04/15/2011 4:46pm

Hi great and exciting news for sure guys, though I'd prefer the two speakers in the same amp would be a fairer demo. But the point I'd like to ask is, the G10 rated at 75W I'd always assumed was for a multi speaker set up. To put it in a Tweed amp would change the whole character of amp?? I have played my 5E3 tru a cab with a 80watt British Lead and it's clean and bright with very little distortion, plug it back into the 30watt speaker and I get that lovely distortion which guys spend a fortune on pedals trying to achieve  

regards Don

04/17/2011 10:37pm

1. It was the same amp, the Pignose ... the Champ II was only being used as a cabinet. 

2. The G10 is a fine speaker for use in a 1x10 configuration ... but is also amazing in 2-10 or 4-10 cnofigs. 

3. A high power Brittish voiced speaker like the Britt Lead is, by it's very nature, a very poor choice for a 5E3 type amp.  A Black & Blue, Blackhawk, or G12 wouldbe a much better match! 

Think that got it all!  Thanks for the input -Vaughn-