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02/08/2015 9:31pm

When is this delicious speaker going to be released? Can't wait to hear more about it!


02/09/2015 8:15pm

I think it's pretty much "any day now" ... and yea, it's awesome.  I've had one for several weeks to test, and it's totally the best sounding British voiced 10 I've heard yet!

02/13/2015 7:39am

Yes, I purchased a couple of Green Berets 10s to put into a Custom Vibrolux Reissue and I've loved them.  However, the ET has such a great heritage, I want to pair up the ET with a Retro 10 in the CVR and put the Green Berets in an extension cab (an old 1x12 Hot Rod Deluxe cab that I had Mojotone construct a 2x10 baffle for it) to use with my other amps.  Can't wait to hear how the ET-Retro combo will sound.

Will be sure to post results!

03/01/2015 7:50am

Hey Folks, you got me again!

Just can´t wait to try out your ET10. Since I made the experience your G10C blends beautifully with either your G12C or your ET65 in my 12/10 cab, I guess it might be very worth it trying out the ET10 paired with the G12C. Could be an interesting match. Let you know my findings.


03/01/2015 11:13pm

I've got these loaded into my 35W Vibrolux.  Initial reaction is that it sounds creamy with a tight low end and a sweet top end that's not shrill, like you might expect from a 10" speaker.  Haven't had a chance to play it at typical band volumes, but will post on here as  soon as possible.  I love the combo of the two.

03/08/2015 12:07pm

What a great combination!  Several months back, I bought a pair of Green Beret 10s and I made a comment on this forum that it was the best thing since the ET65.  Now that the ET10 is here, the GB has been supplanted!  I put an ET10 and a Retro 10 into my Custom Vibrolux Reissue and finally got a chance to test it at stage volumes and I am most impressed.  The sound is sweet and chimey.  Pedals come across extremely well.  

My band also did some work on a demo CD and I used a Sennhauser e906 draped over the ET10 side, and the sound is as crisp as a Red Delicious apple right off the tree on a fall morning.  Love this combination!  Great job, WGS.

10/05/2018 7:41am

I love your comparison at the end mmcwill13. I might be tempted to make my choice on this ET10!