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Which speaker for my Carr Rambler?

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Alvin Touchet
08/08/2014 2:36pm

I have a Carr Rambler with the original 12" Kingpin speaker. I also have a Vintage Sound, Vintage 20 with your WGS 12C/S which I love. My WGS 12c/s is white, not orange. Is it the same speaker as the orange one?

I mostly play tele style guitars with hotter pickups such as Lollar Special T for Rock and Blues styles.

I find the Rambler a little too bright and thin in the mids. I connected the WGS 12C/S from my Vintage 20 to the Rambler and it was a big improvement. However, it seemed a little less efficient than the Kingpin speaker.

I'm trying to select a speaker that will give the Rambler more girth in the mids, and less spikey high end. The only other speaker I had available for comparison was a Jensen C12K from a DRRI. This was the loudest of the 3, and an improvement over the Kingpin, but the WGS 12C/S seems closer to the tone I'm looking for.

Ultimately, I'd like something as efficient as the Kingpin, but with more umph in the low-mid range, and less spikey crystaline highs.

What would you suggest?


Alvin Touchet
08/08/2014 2:37pm

Sorry for the double post....I'm new here.

08/08/2014 11:11pm

Hummm ...

Everything you say points to...

Blackhawk in Alnico land ...

Or ET90 in Ceramic...

Alvin Touchet
08/21/2014 3:04pm

After reviewing your tone chart, I went with the Veteran 30. I think it is an improvement for sure, and has plenty of headroom. Just wondering if it might melow a bit when broken in. What if any changes can I expect after breaking it in?

08/29/2014 3:01pm

The Vet 30 IS(!) voiced w/the classic Britt urgent upper midrange ... that's why I didn't recommend it to you ...

Probably will not "mellow" ... but might loosen on the bottom end just a LITTLE ...