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Reaper 55hz Pairing

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06/03/2014 7:27pm

Hi there,

I have found a few posts that come somewhat close to my question but not quite there or specific here goes.

I have a Reaper 55 already in a 2x12 cab paired with a 444 coned Celestion Vintage 30 and I want to replace the V30 with something else. I use a Les Paul through a Laney GH50L, the Laney can be a bit bright so I want to stay with speakers that are not generally sparkley or bright. I play a kinda prog/sludge/doom/metal/post-hardcore-ish style.....haha. And what I ultimately am looking for is a wide, 3D, punchy, crunchy, THICK, tone. I am very happy with the tone of the Reaper 55 and would like to now widen the mid range and thicken the bottom end while adding punch. I feel like with what I have read on this forum that my choices would be:

  1. Reaper 55 - ET-65
  2. Reaper 55 - ET-90
  3. Reaper 55 - Invader
  4. Reaper 55 - Reaper

Now.....which would be the best choice?? 2x12 is made my Moss and is basically the same dimensions as an Orange 2x12. 

06/04/2014 8:05pm

"widen the mid range and thicken the bottom end while adding punch"

To me that would indicate an Invader ... but ... the cab that I've been giging with a lot lately has a Reaper & a Reaper 55 ... and man, I can't believe how much I like that cab ... put that in the "for what it's worth" category ...

06/09/2014 1:14am

Ok.....Invader it is.....and then a Reaper....haha. One more thing......I do play in Drop B and Drop C.....wondering your thoughts on either of those speakers having an edge over the other with drop tuning? 

06/09/2014 10:24am

Yea, I THINK the Invader should still give you what you're looking for.  The HM75 really likes the drops ... but lacks the mid-growl ... the only other potentially great choice would be the Liberator ... but again, not quite as much midrange...

07/03/2014 9:48am update. I ordered an Invader through one of your dealers(I had to get some other stuff too) and they sent me a Liberator accidently. They overnighted me an Invader right away and sent a return label for the Liberator........however.....I called back and bought the Liberator too....haha. First off I just want to say that I've been playing for 30 years and I am now a huge fan of WGS. I have Celestions and Eminence that have now been packed away and may soon be sold. Now the update. I played around with all the combinations, including the other brands just for kicks, and the winner for me is the Reaper 55 with the Invader. That combo sounds sounds like a guitar's very balanced and has everything without seeming to have to much of anything if you get what I mean....and it's probably a combo you could use for alot of different styles and genres. The mid punch is soo there now and you were right about the Liberator......just not enough mid content for what I was looking for. That being said.....I do run 2 amps at once generally and I will be buying an empty Splawn 2x12 in the near future and I'll need to buy more WGS speakers to do some more pair mixing.

07/12/2014 12:27pm

"They overnighted me an Invader right away and sent a return label for the Liberator........however.....I called back and bought the Liberator too...."

Wow ... now THAT'S a sales tactic!  Send an extra speaker ... knowing that they you fall in love with it and not be able to part with it ;-)

Seriously, thanks for taking the time to post your results!

07/14/2014 7:44pm

So.....I have an addiction for tinkering right now. Amps, speakers, tubes........messing with them all. Anyway, I just picked up a Laney Ironheart 60, re-tubed it, and took my Carvin Legacy 4x12 and put the one Liberator I have now in the upper left corner, the rest of the cab is Vintage 30 444 bass cone speakers. I like how that Liberator/V30 mix sounds. This amp is my modern flavored, dark, tight, heavy, beast mixes with the GH50 and 2x12 Reaper 55/Invader mix. Anyway.....before I order another Liberator I was wondering your thoughts as far as difference between Liberator/V30 vs. Liberator/Reaper(standard). Any description of the differences would be great.

P.S. Not sure if I should have created a new thread here.

09/24/2014 8:12am

I have Reaper HP and Invader 2X12 in a Crate V Series closed.

At first I liked it, then not so sure. I like the option of playing either two as 1X12.

I'm on the fence of trying to by a used version of either so I have FULL 2x12 sound. Only because I have eight total WGS and they are all different. (1 Combo, 1X12, 4X12 mix and 2X12 mix.) So it's not the actual quality of sounds that irks me, but the fact that I'm running just so many different pairs.

I'd just like to have a 2X12 punch with same speakers.

Or maybe get one used, keep the other as a spare.