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Speaker recommendation needed:

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12/10/2013 2:51am

I'm looking for a versatile low efficiency speaker combination to help tame the loudness of my amps.

I'd like to play at lower volumes but still reach that "sweet spot" if you know what I mean.

I play Classic Rock/Blues but also clean Jazzy Blues type music.

My amps are: Dr. Z KT45 and Ceriatone Overtone HRM Bluesmaster 50w (dumble clone)

I'll be using a contemporary style closed back 2x12 cab.

I'm considering the ET65 and matching it with a Green Beret or Invader.

What can I expect with this speaker combination tone wise?

Should I consider something else like the reaper/retro, or vet?

Thanks, I look forward to your reply.




12/10/2013 10:35am

That's a bit of a tough one ...

Yes, the ET65 is not terribly efficient, and I find it does in fact have a magical ability to sound very good even at low volumes ... but does not give in to cone compression early.

The GB is kind of the opposite ... it will begin to compress and get loose after about 22-25 watts ... but it's also a fairly efficient speaker.

Maybe the combi would give you what you want ... but I'm just not sure!  If you try it ... be SURE to post back here with your results!

Another good option would be the new "light" 12, the G12Q ... it might just be EXACTLY what you want...

12/10/2013 12:33pm


Thanks for the reply and suggestion on the G12Q!

You're right, this is a tough choice.

I just noticed the Invader, which is still in GB territory but has even less efficiency at 97.84dB.

I'm wondering if the Invader would compliment the KT45 and the ET65 would blossom with the dumble clone?

BTW, I'll also be using specific tubes in the KT to help tame the volume.


I think I'll give the ET65/Invader a shot and see what happens

I'll be sure to report back.

Thanks again



12/10/2013 10:50pm

Don't confuse effecency ... which is a measurement of the dB-SPL produced by 1-watt of 1k at 1 meter ...

with true volume in an amp ... unless you only plan to play a note somewhere around B (6) at one watt ... and the result will never be listened to at anything other than exactly 1-meter in FRONT of the speaker cone ... oh, and of course you can't use a cabinet ... and ... well, you get the idea!

12/11/2013 3:31pm

Ok, I'm confused a little.......or alot.....lol

You mentioned the G12Q, would that match up with the ET65?

With that pair, would I still get a nice clean tone when needed?


I appreciate your help


12/11/2013 10:22pm

The little G12Q would most likely have a tough time surviving your amps ... she's conservatively rated at 20-watts (True RMS).  (The pre-production model I got fist was called 25-watts.)

12/12/2013 1:37am

I thought the G12Q might not fit the bill but I had to ask.

So I appreciate your help and time.

 I think I'm just going to go with

Do you have a preference?


12/12/2013 10:58pm

The fairly early speaker compression is something it sounds like you want in the mix.

12/13/2013 4:39pm

I'll give the ET65/GB combo a shot and see what happens. I don't think I can go wrong here.


Btw, do you know how long it takes the Reaper to start breaking up?   


I'm putting the speakers in the Cart now.....for Santa of course....lol


Update: Speakers purchased! I'll let you know how they sound. Can't wait!