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Replacement for Kustom 12 Gauge

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11/09/2013 5:54pm

Got this used Kustom 12 Gauge combo.  Very high gain solid state.  It had potential so I swpapped out the stock speaker from a Peavey VIP2.  That is not a bad speaker and sure as you know what there was a huge bump in performance - not nearly as brittle as the stock speaker (light weight) POS.


Having good luck with a WGS Retro in another amp - I want a suggestion on a replacement for the 12 Gauge.  The amp is very hgh gain, but I get a nice blues tone as well - so I assume it has strong mid range.  So looking for something that will stand up to very high gain, and strong mid range, but would like a decent clean with good articulation.  I don't need Fender sparkle, but some chime in the tone would be great.  


On paper - kind of looking at the HM75.  Thoughts?


 - Woody

11/09/2013 8:43pm

Reaper 30, for sure!

11/10/2013 8:05pm

Hi again Vaughn.  Hope all is well with you.


So I was kind of thinkng down the road (if/when the 12 Gauge dies) I might drop the WGS into a cab maybe later.  I'll consider the Reaper - but I think I would like to go with something with a higher wattage capacity so I could swap in a head.  I probably should have mentioned that right off the bat.  For heads I have a Carvin 3VM (tube 50 w), and a SX 300 (100W SS) that I like.  


So maybe go Reaper HP?  Still take the Reaper over the HM75?


 - w

11/11/2013 10:58am

It's tough to find a single speaker that can both 1) be lit-up by very small wattage, and 2) take very high-wattages!

The HM 75 dosn't do #1 at all!  Of the entire WGS line ... probably the new ET-90 is the best at accomplishing BOTH ...

Oh, also ... see how you like the Ret30 with it ... not a bad choice, either!

11/11/2013 4:24pm

Thanks Vaughn.  I get your point.  I will look at the ET90 and Reeper.  The Retro 30 is indeed a wonderful speaker.  But just for kicks I wanted to try someting different from the WGS line up.

11/15/2013 6:58pm

I thought about it some more and decided to go with an ET65 - the high wattage piece was not a hard requirement.  I'll let you know how it sounds once I install it.


 - Woody

11/21/2013 6:38pm



I got the ET65 last night, and today I had about 30 - 40 minutes to try it out.  Short story, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it in the 12 Gauge.  On the clean channel I would say I get very close to that Fender sparkle.  Very clean articulate highs.  On vintage hard rock gain it is less shrill - thick but with good definition.  It will absolutely do metal.  I don't play true metal - but this is someting I always test out - just tro see if an amp and a speaker can handle it.  One thing that surprised me is how much louder it is w/ the ET65 - even more than the Retro 30.  The Retro 30 is in a closed back cab, and the combo is open back - so this may be the difference.


Very very happy

11/22/2013 12:49pm

I have ET 65 in an Ampeg VT60 1X12. The GT12-75 wasn't cutting it. Sounded dry and worn.

One word. Facemelt.

I never knew sounds could come from a speaker, as such.

11/23/2013 8:40pm

I kind of hesitated about putting a speaker in that cost more than the amp.  Ha!  But after I got the ET65  installed I have no regretes.  The 12 Gauge sounds like a million bucks.  If times got hard and I had to sell most of my gear - I could keep this liittle SS 30 W combo and still have a lot of fun on the cheap.  Both clean and very high gain are very impressive.