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Which to pair with a BlackHawk 50w: Reaper 50w or ET65 or ET90?

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11/11/2013 9:53am

Which to pair with a BlackHawk 50w: Reaper 50w or ET65 or ET90?

This is for a 2x12 combo. I've read that you recommend the Reaper 50 watt as a fantastic choice to use with a BlackHawk 50 in a 2x12. However, one of my criteria is to have little-to-none "speaker breakup" because I want to get my overdrive sound almost exclusively from my mesa Boogie Quad preamp. Therefore... while your description on the Reaper 50 page as having "breakup at medium-high volume" is a selling point for many... it makes me concerned that it will break up too much for my criteria.

On the other hand, I don't want to go too far the other extreme and have something that is too stiff and unresponsive at lower volumes. (then again, the 2x12 cab is only being powered by a 50 watt tube amp, so between both speakers, maybe there is already plenty of headroom before breakup on the speakers, given that the load is spread between two speakers? would that alone my take care of all my concerns?)

Plus... I'm curious about your general suggestions/impressions about each of these three combinations, and/or how they compare to each other:

BlackHawk 50w AND Reaper 50w

BlackHawk 50w AND ET65

BlackHawk 50w AND ET90


11/11/2013 10:54am

All of these combos would be very big, bold, and warm ... good for an amp that already has LOTS of upper-midrange and top-end.  For instance, a classic blackface Fender Deluxe Reverb or Bandmaster type circuit.

Of the three, the BH/Reaper 50 combo will cover the most ground ... so that's what I'd suggest.  Don't worry about speaker break-up ... it would take a 100-watt tube amp fairly cranked to make that combo start to get loose!