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Speaker Suggestions for Mid-Range Brown Fender 12"...

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08/17/2013 1:18pm

First, you guys rock! I am still loving my low-wattage custom WGS 12" in my Gries (Princeton). :)

Now, I am looking to hit another home run with a good match-up with an Allen Brown Sugar. It's a wider-range amp, depending on what power tubes and rectifier you load. It can range from 6V6's to EL34's cathode-biased (maybe 15-30w). I'm going with a single 12" and I'd like to stay on the American side of the fence. I do not have the amp yet, but I am guessing the tone will be close to a Brown Pro running a 12.

So, I am interested in your thoughts of a good match and wondering if I am right to be comparing G12C and G12C/S? I am looking for this to cover Blues and Older Rock (SRV to ZZ). Any suggestions appreciated. If it is easier for me to call, let me know.

- John.

08/19/2013 10:19pm

I'd go Blackhawk.  Probably next would be the G12C/S.

08/22/2013 12:00pm

Wow, I did not see that coming... I was pretty much set on the G12C/S, but had not looked at the Blackhawk Alnico at all. I will definitely check that out. Thank you for the quick reply! :)

08/24/2013 3:11pm

The Smooth-cone will take it very far into the land of woody/smokey early tweed tone.  The Blackhawk can do that too ... but can do EVERYTHING else,as well. 

03/10/2015 6:27am

Sorry to revive a several year dormant thread, but I am also interested in speaker recommendations for a brownface deluxe style amp.  

I am mid way through a "from scratch" build of what is effectively the bright channel of a 6g3 brownface deluxe. My speaker tastes tend to lean towards the British side of the spectrum, and like to play at about the verge of breakup or a little louder and use a boost or overdrive pedal and guitar volume to go from tweed clean to blues-rock lead tones. I am mindful that the 6g3 has about as much gain on tap as any vintage Fender or Marshall circuit and isn't overly bright, so a "soft" top end, mid heavy Greenback style speaker with early break up probably isn't the right choice. My (on paper) calculations suggest that I will have about 20 watts power to play with, and I like to turn up, so I'm looking for a 12" speaker in the 30-50 watt range to run in a 1x12" semi-open back cabinet.

My first thought is something like the 30watt Reaper with the 75Hz cone might a possibility. I have always thought that heavy ceramic magnet speakers with quite a lot of top end (G12H-30 style, for example) sound good with both single coils and humbuckers and don't get fatiguing to listen to after a few minutes, unlike a very mid-forwad Vintage 30 style speaker. But is there anything else in that vein that I have overlooked? Part of me is facinated with AlNiCo speakers, but I all the low wattage blue back/silver back style speakers I have heard seem to be very loose at lower frequencies and break up very early, which isn't going to be a great match with a darkish, full bottom end amp like a brownface Fender. Would something like the 50W Blackhawk work for this?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

03/16/2015 3:54pm

EVERYTHING you say poinbts to Blackhawk Alnico ... (not HP)

No doubt.

Kurt Redderson
10/04/2017 3:16pm

Also in the same boat. Currently building 6g3 clone and looking for recommendations. Was leaning towards Blackhawk 50, but i would like to know why you recommend against HP version? (BTW, the ET65s are working great in my rehab'd SF twin, Thanks!)

10/16/2017 1:25pm

Yeah ... the HP, since it's a TRUE 100-watt speaker ... is quite a bit stiffer than the regular Blackhawk (not as touch responsive) ... and so I only recommend it for amps that need more than 50-watt power handling.