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Wiring two 1x12" cabs for series/parallel.

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08/15/2013 10:27pm

I have two 1x12" cabinets. Each has two, 8 OHM speakers (Retro 30)

Cabinet #1 has two jacks that are wired parallel.

Cabinet #2 - I tried to wire each jack separately. One jack is wired tip to + of speaker and sleeve is wired to - of speaker.  The othe jack I wired opposite; tip to - of speaker and sleeve to - of speaker.

By plugging in a cable from cabinet #1 to cabinet#2 with the parallel wired jack on cabinet #2 I measured approximately 4 ohms.

However, I thought by plugging cabinet #1 into cabinet #2 using the reverse wired jack on cabinet #2 that I would get series wiring resulting in 16 OHMS.

I still measured approximately 4 OHMS. Why did this not work? Must speakers be wired DIRECTLY to each other to achieve parallel or series wiring?

08/21/2013 9:59am

Hi ... all you actually acomplished is wiring your two cabs out of phase with each other ... which would sound prety awful!

It's a bit tricky to do a series wiring job with individual cabs.  Here is a pic of how two speakers are wired in series ... do your own search to find plenty more.

2 speakers wired in series

11/14/2013 9:08am

Hi, I am trying to do this too. Did you have any luck with yours? I can obviously do the same in parallel but I need to be able to wire in series across two cabs.